Monday, October 25, 2010

First post.

I have started working on Android and thought it will be good idea to make note of things which I come across while learning about Android.

Android is great mobile platform.

My first post is based on blog post from Android official blog, "Improving App Quality"

The post is about Improving app quality as the name suggests. An app can be hit product due to many reasons and one of them could be quality, A good qulaity app can go a long way.

Few pointers given the post to help quality are
1. Listening to user
2. Improving stability and eliminating bugs
3. Improving UI responsivness
4. Improving usabilty
5. Improving appearance and aesthetics
6. Delivering the right set of features
7. Intergrating with the system and third-party apps
8. Paying attention to details

This blog post was detailed with many pointers on where information can be found to improve the above areas.